Popular Services

These are some of the most popular services that CDS Rose Limited have to offer.


Water Hygiene

We can provide you with a bespoke water hygiene programme for your individual needs. These may include monthly tap temperatures, hot and cold water tank inspections, heating system analysis and servicing of TMV's.

Water Sampling

All of CDS Rose Limited's water sampling is carried out in an independent UKAS certified laboratory. We carry out a range of water sampling from chemical analysis to bacterial analysis including Legionella.


CDS Rose Limited can carry out manual cleaning and disinfection of hot and cold water systems. These are carried out in accordance with BS8558:2015 for new pipework or HSE ACoP L8 HSG274 Part 2 2014 guidelines. These guidelines are specifically relating to the control of Legionella within water systems.

Closed Systems

Whether it's heating or chilled, on-site analysis or system cleaning we've got the expertise you require. With years of experience within the water treatment industry, we are able to meet your system needs with a range of inhibitors, biocides and cleaning chemicals.