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In order to provide a safe environment for employees and end users, it is imperative that all areas of the domestic water systems within the property are maintained in a clean and healthy condition.

Domestic water systems, particularly those consisting of cold water storage tanks, can be prone to microbial contamination, which can lead to your water systems becoming contaminated with Legionella and other waterborne bacteria.

Cleaning and disinfection of water systems is an essential process that helps to maintain good standards of water hygiene. Cleaning and disinfection allows us to ensure that your systems are free from bacterial growth and its nutrients. This is achieved by, where possible, manually cleaning the internal surfaces and by introducing approved chemicals into the system at an appropriate dosage for a specified period.

This is a tried and tested process that is an effective way of eliminating and preventing contamination of your water systems. Our cleaning and disinfection works are carried out by fully qualified and competent operatives in accordance with BS EN 806-5:2012, BS 8558:2011 and BS PD 855468:2015. These British Standards outline the requirements of the design, installation, testing, operation, cleaning, disinfection and maintenance of drinking water services inside buildings.

Why would I need my water system cleaned and disinfected?
● There is reason to believe that your water system has been contaminated
● Water quality sampling results indicate a clean and disinfection is required
● The Legionella risk assessment or cold water storage tank inspections recommends cleaning
and disinfection as a necessary action
● The system is new or has been refurbished with new additional components
● The system has been dormant or there is evidence of stagnation
● If there is a recorded or suspected outbreak of Legionnaires disease

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