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A considered approach is always required when considering water treatment for your closed systems. At CDS Rose Ltd, we can offer you exactly that. We fully appreciate and understand the importance of having an appropriate water treatment program that is suitable for your system and its operating conditions. Implementing the correct treatment to a closed system is essential in achieving acceptable water conditions as well as optimising performance while saving you money on repair costs in the process.

Image by Crystal Kwok

Closed heating systems can often be mistreated, in some cases not treated at all. This can be a costly mistake. Untreated systems can be prone to bacteriological growth which in turn can cause corrosion.

Systems affected by corrosion and build-up of bacteria can become inefficient creating the need for regular repair or increase the cost of energy bills.

A robust and efficient water treatment program should consist of the following:
● Minimise the effects and build-up of corrosion
● Minimise the effects and build-up of scale
● Minimise the formation of biofilms
● Control the buildup of sedimentation

Our simple, easy to use and incredibly effective closed-system diagnostic test kit can be utilised to establish the condition of your closed system by way of chemistry and biological analysis, and help to plan out the correct treatment program so that we can ensure your systems are maintained correctly on a case-by-case basis.

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● Consultancy service
● Chemical dosing installation/monitoring
● Chemical supply
● Hot and cold water storage installations
● Cold water storage tank remedials/refurbishment

● Pipework modification/reconfiguration (water systems only)

● Closed system flushing

● Water hygiene log books

● Swimming/spa pool testing

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