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Under general health and safety law, duty holders, including employers or those in control of premises, must ensure the health and safety of their employees or others who may be affected by their undertaking.

The first step in Legionella control and providing a healthy water system as part of a safe working environment is to ensure a Legionella risk assessment has been carried out by a qualified and competent person in compliance with ACoP L8 HSG274 and BS 8580 – Risk Assessments for Legionella Control.

CDS Rose Ltd employs experienced and fully qualified risk assessors who will perform an invasive site survey of the water systems within your property. We provide you with a detailed, yet easy-to-understand document, which will include accurate information and risk ratings relating to the findings, as well as practical and efficient recommendations to resolve any issues arising from the assessment. Our risk assessments include a full asset register and survey of your water systems, documenting all of the necessary data and information necessary to establish the inherent, residual and ALARP risks associated with your property.

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The assessment will also include a review of your current Legionella control measures and will identify any gaps in your compliance. We can then work with you to advise and assist in closing those gaps to ensure you are adhering to the necessary guidance and regulations. The Legionella risk assessment will also assist in establishing a written scheme of control detailing what is going to be done by whom, and when to minimise the identified risks. We can also provide quality, accurate schematic diagrams of your domestic water systems

Why would I need a Legionella risk assessment?
● Conducting a Legionella risk assessment is a legal requirement under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
● The use of your building has changed
● There have been changes to your water system or its usage
● There is a change of key personnel within the company
● The building has suddenly become occupied or unoccupied
● There has been an update in relevant legislation
● When there has been a reported case of Legionnaires' disease

If you feel you have a requirement for a Legionella risk assessment or are unsure if the above applies to you, please feel free to contact us or fill out the enquiry form.


Within commercial properties, as part of the obligation of the duty holder to provide a safe environment for employees and other end users within their properties, it is essential that the water systems are monitored and maintained correctly.

The HSE provides us with guidance within ACoP L8 HSG274 that enables us to safely monitor and maintain your domestic water systems.

CDS Rose Ltd can provide you with the necessary services in order to achieve compliance and give you confidence that your water systems are being managed appropriately.

Below is a list of services that we offer that are recommended by HSC to ensure you are compliant and maintain a healthy water system.

CaloriifierWater Heater Inspection Temperature Monitoring Cold Water Storage Tank Inspecti

All of our operatives who carry out these tasks are fully qualified and experienced individuals who understand the importance of each task and how it will improve the quality of water within your domestic water systems.

CDS Rose Ltd are always keen to work with our clients to discuss their compliance needs and establish an efficient and bespoke water hygiene monitoring and maintenance programme that is efficient, and cost-effective but above all, allows our client to demonstrate an enviable level of compliance and wellbeing for their employees - We can help you to set up or improve your water hygiene compliance activities!

If you are unsure if the above applies to you, or if you would like our assistance in establishing an effective water hygiene programme, please feel free to contact us or fill out the enquiry form.

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